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Namland is a member company of NamGroup – a real estate corporation specializing in providing high-end real estate products and has been recognized and honored at major and prestigious international awards such as: Dot Property Southeast Asia Award 2019, 2A Continental Architecture Awards 2019 and Architecture MasterPrize 2019.


Real estate is one of the most competitive and harshest industries today. Real estate projects right after opening for sale need to be widely advertised and reach potential customers in the shortest time. With the development of online advertising, advertising channels such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Youtube are thoroughly applied. However, these forms take a long time to reach potential customers. Moreover, many real estate brokers run ads simultaneously, making the ad bid higher and increasing the cost of converting potential customers from online advertising.

Telesales is an advertising channel with a high conversion rate of potential customers. The problem to solve is to increase call productivity at the same time with the lowest cost

Mr. Hoai

According to practical experience from Namland, the conversion rate from telesales channels is higher than from other forms. However, there are still having many limitations because:

  • The quality of telesales staff is uneven, difficult to manage.
  • Employees constantly encounter rejections, complaints, etc., making them prone to stress, affecting call quality.
  • Deploying a sales campaign over the phone with hundreds of thousands of numbers in just ten days is a significant human resource cost problem. With maximum productivity of 300 calls/day, the budget paid to employees has reached more than 200 million (not including other management and infrastructure costs).
  • Traditional telesales channels cannot meet potential customers well quickly with the most optimal fee.


Namland Case study - AI Telesale BDS

Nam Land has initially successfully applied EM&AI’s AI Voicebot auto call to automate Telesales campaigns as an enterprise that focuses on innovation and uses technology to optimize business. Deployed for the first time, the enterprise has achieved the initially set productivity and cost problems goals.

  • Create 100% automated calling campaigns, reducing manual errors.
  • Categorize non-potential and potential leads.
  • Set up automatic redirects to sales staff with cases of customer interest.
  • Update and report call results automatically.
  • Listen back to calls to capture customer insights.


In just a short time of being put into use, the enterprise has achieved its initial goals:

  • Double the productivity of completing telesales campaigns compared to an outsourced team.
  • There is no need to operate a large telesales team, helping businesses save 30% of personnel costs and completely cut management and facilities expenses.
  • Shorten the time to reach customers (the enterprise made more than 3000 calls in just 6 hours).
  • They are optimizing costs, reducing access time, accessing quickly.
AI Telsale Bat dong san

Comparison about the cost plan of telesales between AI Voicebot Autocall and traditional methods

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