Navigating customer experience with generative AI: Do’s and Don’ts


A recent report from 451 Research showed that nearly 50% of consumers believe that AI will have a significant – and positive – impact on their lives. Overwhelmingly, companies know that they need to implement and deploy generative AI, but where to start to make the most impact? And how to avoid potential pitfalls and tradeoffs in the process?

Join Analyst Sheryl Kingstone from 451 Research, and Scott Kolman, CMO of Cresta as they talk about the impact of generative AI on customer care and how companies can successfully navigate AI adoption.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to drive adoption of generative AI without damaging the customer experience
  • How to empower your agents with generative AI to drive efficiency in your customer care strategy
  • How the insights from generative AI transform customer analysis and understanding

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Presented by

Sheryl Kingstone

Vice President, 451 Research

Scott Kolman

CMO, Cresta