Elevate your call center to the next level with our cutting-edge AI Conversation & Voice Analytics

Elevate your call center to the next level with our cutting-edge AI Conversation & Voice Analytics

Ensuring full quality control for rapid risk detection, and then transferring the most excellent skills to your entire organization, makes the customer experience more effective.

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Enterprise-grade solutions coupled with domain expertise to optimize operations, satisfaction, and profitability.

Tailored AI solution for your business

Transform your call center operation with a custom AI model & features that's built just for you, based on your data. Empower you to unlock the full visibility of contact center data.

State-of-the-art Core AI technology

Proven track of advanced core AI technology with the highest accuracy. Effortlessly integrate AI into your business operations, no-code with our accessible models and templates.

Result-oriented partner

Dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that propel your business forward with measurable success.

Outpacing your competitors by reaching leads, seizing revenue opportunities with unparalleled speed

Automate lead filtering and self-service process: booking, ordering, FAQ and many more .

Creating a never leave, never forget, never down mood AI Agent by letting it work hybrid with your finest Agent

Prebuilt AI Chatbot that embodies the strengths and positive qualities of an exemplary human employee.

All the arising problems during calls were resolved right during the call

Automate hidden risks alerting in the conversation, and provides guidance to solve any problems that may arise.

Call center’s performance within eyesight

Automate millions of calls evaluating and displaying an overview of call center performance on a single screen. Quickly identify issues and their causes, as well as gain insight into your customers.

The comprehensive AI Ecosystem for Enterprise

VAGENT.AI - Building your own AI Chatbot within 5 minutes

Effortlessly create your own AI Chatbot with our no-code, no-flow conversation-building tool. Transform any document, from PDFs to URLs, into an intelligent Chatbot in minutes.

VAGPT - Conversational AI platform integrating Generative AI

The most powerful platform for building AI Agents such as Chatbots and Voicebots, powered by Generative AI, NLP & Speech recognition, delivering a first-class customer experience.

” EM&AI is more than just a supplier, they are an important partner in Panasonic’s journey to optimize customer experience. The flexibility and customization of their AI voicebot system has brought convenience and efficiency to customer interaction and support.”

The representative of Panasonic VietNam

Virtual QC - Voice AI Analytics for Agent Evaluation

Analyzing conversations uncovers insights, and improves agent performance with unified quality assurance and coaching.

Real-time Call Monitoring - Overview of the customer experience's quality in front of eyes

Detect potential risks in each call with customers & turn them into opportunities in a fraction of a second.


Specialize analysis for low-quality audio of call center, adapt to the localized languages. Ready to integrate into any system.

How we make our customers happy


calls per day - the highest ever daily call productivity levels confirmed by customers.


the highest accuracy of AI models in customer intent recognition & sentiment analysis, continually customized and enhanced by EM&AI.

" Without VIRTUAL QC, we could take up to 57 years to evaluate all the call volume in half a month."

- The representative of FE Credit Vietnam
FE Credit


Reduced cost for after-service outbound call campaign by using AI Voicebot to automatically deliver.


satisfied employees about the productive result evaluated by AI.

Security & Data Privacy Certificated

Our Global Partner

EM&AI is one of the few AI companies in Vietnam that has been selected to be a strategy partner with technology giants.

Experience profit - driven ai solutions

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