5 reasons why businesses need the Voicebot.
5 lý do lý giải tại sao doanh nghiệp cần triển khải giải pháp Voicebot

5 reasons why businesses need the Voicebot.

Following a study, the worldwide market value for voice assistant will reach 20 billion dollars in the next 5 years due to connection equipment. Today, chatbot supporting speech or Voicebot is increasingly popular in almost all business aspects. Furthermore, the virtual assistant will change the ways that people interact with mobile devices in their daily life.

Let’s find out 5 reasons why Voicebot will become an essential part in your company.

1) Minimizing the customer interaction method.

Today, customers, especially youngsters, are attracted by new and convenient things. They always want to find the simplest solution for any problem, such as a method using oral response. Voicebot is definitely a good choice for that concern, users can easily have any benefits such as paying online or even booking plane tickets because of its intelligence and reliability.

2) Voicebot provides detailed information for customers.

Voicebot can automatically access databases and provide reliable information for users. Besides, there will be a close connection between business and their customers because of the exactness of time, and this makes customer experience better.

3) Voicebot supports customers quickly.

The biggest advantage of Voicebot is the 2 way-communications, it not only makes the customer experience interesting but also brings the convenience. For instance, if someone wants to have a new bank card, they just need to say and Voicebot would understand and give them assistance immediately. By that way, companies can easily manage their business and get productivity.

4) Voicebot brings the individual experience.

Like chatbot, Voicebot can know customers’ basic information such as hobbies, or even their concerns by accessing their profiles to give suitable advice for their needs.

5) Labor optimization.

Due to the assistance of AI and NLP, Voicebot can do repeatable functions by using natural interaction, so that staff focus on more complex works. It not only helps the businesses save wage but also makes the customer experience better.

In the near future, Voicebot is going to be an incredibly beneficial solution for many companies, especially in the Banking industry because it is truly a good way to improve the interaction between businesses and customers. And today, a lot of companies have adopted AI for digital transformation. There is no doubt that AI will become one of the optimal methods in making profit for any company in any industry.

EM&AI is one of the first businesses using Vietnamese Voicebot AI to enhance customer service in Viet Nam. Voicebot EM&AI has a lot of neat functions produced by AI, Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text, all of these are flexible for businesses’ needs. If you want to know more about Voicebot EM&AI, please click here to contact with us, we will immediately give you assistance for your concern.

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