EM&AI cooperated with Vietnam Innovation Hub to successfully organize the first workshop on NLP technology and ChatGPT trends in Da Nang

On the morning of April 27, 2023, EM&AI coordinated with Vietnam Innovation Hub Da Nang to organize a seminar on NLP technology and ChatGPT deployment trends in Da Nang. This is one of the activities of the Department of Science and Technology towards the goal of “Helping typical AI startups like EM&AI to become AI HUB connecting and solving AI technology problems between businesses – Innovation Center creation & startups”

EM&AI is pleased to welcome the presence of guests attending the conference. Typical examples include Mr. Duc Anh from the Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Tuan Anh – CEO Alpha Asimov (Former CEO of Grab Vietnam), Mr. Truong Hong An – Deputy Director of Mor Software Da Nang branch, Mr. Tran Trung Tin – Head of Department of Computer Technology Swinburne University Da Nang and representatives from software businesses and other businesses who want to apply AI technology in Da Nang. The content of the seminar revolves around the following main topics:

  1. Introducing NLP and ChatGPT technology
  2. Difference between Task-Oriented Bot (EM&AI VirtualAgent) and ChatGPT
  3. Is developing NLP & Chatbot AI technology still necessary when ChatGPT is available?
  4. Discuss the application potential of Voicebot, Chatbot and NLP API solutions.

Natural Language Processing – NLP is a research field within AI that allows machines to communicate through natural language. NLP is the core technology of AI Chatbot solutions. With the recent “fame” of ChatGPT, NLP is even more interested and “discussed” most enthusiastically. There have been debates surrounding the viewpoint “Given the bright spots of ChatGPT, is it still necessary for businesses to research NLP applications and deploy AI Chatbots?”. At the seminar, Mr. Hoang The Kiet – Chief AI Technology Development Engineer of EM&AI shared about the applications of NLP and analyzed the differences between Task-Oriented Chatbot and ChatGPT. While ChatbotGPT can answer general & broad topics, Task-Oriented Bot serves a specific business (Ticket booking, customer care). Understanding this difference has helped businesses and departments have more appropriate application orientations.

Through discussion activities, EM&AI also has the opportunity to more deeply share the vision of AI technology development demonstrated through the product and technology ecosystem researched and developed by the EM&AI team.

EM&AI product ecosystem

In the final discussion, the attendees discussed with EM&AI the application potential of Voicebot, Chatbot, and NLP API solutions. Specifically

  • Swinburne University Danang: Analyze big data, make suggestions for bank operators to make appropriate product suggestions, personalized according to customer needs
  • Public administration field: Synthesizing data for drafting official dispatches, building and synthesizing databases for departments and agencies
  • Public service sector: Care support, calling

The seminar took place successfully when receiving positive exchange, sharing and discussion from the attending guests. In addition, EM&AI received attention and invitations to cooperate from participating businesses. Specifically: receiving invitations to cooperate from VNPT representatives, bringing EM&AI solutions to businesses & participating in public bidding packages. Polytechnic University proposes to cooperate in developing “Virtual assistant for admission consulting, providing information for majors”, research cooperation, bringing ASR and ASS APIs into student development and research topics. lifesaving. The Department of Science and Technology proposed that it can enhance startups’ footprint with public applications through technological tasks aimed at achieving typical products for application in different localities. At the same time, strengthen AI human resource training activities through training, working directly at businesses (EM&AI) or going to universities such as Swinburne and HCMUT.

In conclusion, the “field” of NLP application still has much potential for expansion and development. Businesses need to understand and grasp the trend of applying NLP to solve specific problems. EM&AI is one of the pioneers in researching and applying NLP in business. With a team of expertise and multi-industry implementation experience, EM&AI is confident in its leading position in powerful NLP technology with high accuracy, solving specific business problems. With support from the Department of Science and Technology in connecting with businesses, EM&AI hopes to bring the solution ecosystem closer to all sizes of businesses in Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general.



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