Conversational AI for Goverment
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Support citizens faster, anytime, anywhere via
Voice and Chat
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Tailored Solutions

Analyze needs, customize systems for specific business operations.

High security

Regardless of industry, our platform adheres to established security and compliance standards.

Highly Accurate AI Models

EM&AI's specialized AI model ensures precision in sales and customer care call audio data.

Unlock Transparency and Elevate Citizen Satisfaction with the Power of Conversational AI

AI Chatbot for 24/7 Citizen Support

Providing 24/7 automated assistance for common inquiries, appointment scheduling, and paperwork processing status updates, enhancing accessibility and convenience for citizens.
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AI call routing

Intelligent Call Routing

Efficiently directing incoming calls by understanding caller intents and routing them to the appropriate departments or agents, reducing wait times and improving overall service quality.

Feedback and Surveys

Collecting feedback from citizens through conversational interfaces, allowing governments to gain valuable insights and improve service delivery based on citizen preferences and needs.
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AI Alert

Emergency Response and Alerts

Providing citizens with timely updates and alerts during crises or natural disasters, ensuring public safety, and facilitating communication between government agencies and citizens.

Discover our comprehensive Conversational AI platform

AI Voice Analytics for Quality Control

Strongly monitor citizen satisfaction levels for each call, and monitor execution time to help detect and promptly warn of urgent problems to assist authorities in resolving them
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