Real-time call monitoring

AI detects all violations promptly for immediate resolution. Make sure all issues
are resolved before ending calls

Why is real-time call monitoring essential?

Immediate Issue Resolution

Real-time monitoring ensures immediate issue resolution, preventing crisis escalations and guaranteeing customer satisfaction

Increasing calls successful rate

Guide agents in moments of confusion for swift resolution.

Compliance and Risk Management

Real-time monitoring maintains compliance, reducing legal risks by ensuring agents follow regulations and company policies during calls.

Detect violations immediately

  • Real-time monitoring follows call scenarios
  • Violation warnings and instructions for adjusting behavior
  • Banned keyword warning

Maximize Agents' efficiency

Suggest information automatically
Suggest ways to handle the problem
Suggest responses content

Personalized training

Reality training through simulation calls
Supervisors can give instructions to the agents when they make mistakes right in the calls

Increase the call success rate

Predicting the successful closing rate (Hit rate)
Supervisors can join live calls to provide agents with problem-solving instructions

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology

Voice transcripts word-by-word with the highest accuracy up to 95%

Predict buyer intent and identify important information helps agent push sale conversion through calls

Detect the negative customer feedbacks, alert to supervisors

Customers abandon a brand after just two or three negative interactions

Out-of-control crises start from unsolved tiny violations instantly

24 hours
All violation problems must be solved within 24h before it is out of con

Turn risks into opportunities for business growth with our help

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