VAxGPT – Enterprise-grade Conversational AI platform

The most powerful platform for building AI Agents such as Chatbots and Voicebots, powered by Generative AI and Speech recognition, delivering a first-class customer experience
Tailored for Businesses

Our conversational design experts with in-depth knowledge will analyze and build your own conversational AI

Global Partnerships

We partner with industry-leading technology firms for seamless integration, provision of a multi-language model, and fulfilling other requirements.

Excellence Service

Accompanying customers to find the 'best solutions' for their problems

Human-like Conversation

Bringing engaging conversations thanks to cutting-edge AI technology :
  • Contextual Conversation management
  • Intent recognition
  • Answers generated by Generative AI

Quickly building

Flow editor help simplify designing conversations
  • Drag-and-drop interface, no coding required.
  • Editable pre-built templates for convenience
  • uickly generate response scripts using Generative AI.

Automated sales and marketing campaigns

Implement automatic sales calls and marketing campaigns to thousands of customers with just 1 click.

Seamless human-bot handover

AI agents and human agents collaborate on one platform bringing to the seamless conversation experience
  • Forward calls or requirement tickets to agents.
  • Hybrid chat platform enabling agents to join conversations at any time
  • Archiving all conversation information for agents”

Analytics for decisive insights

  • Gain profound insights into customers and employees.
  • Overview dashboard displaying AI conversational effectiveness and user behavior trends
  • Visualize user journeys for immediate conversation flow optimization.
  • Create custom reports tailored to your business criteria

“We are truly impressed with the functionality and capabilities of EM&AI’s AI virtual assistant system. The functionality is designed very intelligently, and the integration capabilities work exactly as we envisioned.”

Trieu Vu Duy - CTO Soby

With VAGPT Agent, you will always have an employee on hand through Chat and Voice channels – day and night, weekends, and even holidays. The 24/7 operation ensures that customers always receive the best support at any time of the day. VAGPT is always be there even when your employees cannot.

Using AI Agents can help businesses expand their customer funnel efficiently, maximizing access to potential customers at the lowest cost. VAGPT assists businesses in increasing conversion rates from potential customers to actual customers and boosting revenue for the business.

When employees have basic inquiries that require immediate resolution such as guidance on work procedures, providing information, company policies, or even assistance in searching for necessary documents related to their tasks, the AI Agent can provide instant support. This improves job productivity by saving employees the time and effort they would otherwise spend looking for information and addressing problems.

VAGPT enables businesses to conduct authentication calls, including requesting OTP codes, confirming registration information, and sending appointment details. Integrating the AI Agent into the business system can save time and ensure that the authentication process is carried out accurately and efficiently.

Increase customer conversion rate

Reduction in the company's operating expenses

Increase output at work


Enhance customer satisfaction

VAGPT – The versatile key to unlocking productivity for HADU Training Center.

How VAGPT boosts potential customer files for CongViecVang.

VAGPT’s Voicebot enhances Telemarketing efficiency for Namland Real Estate Company.

Addressing the support needs of 50,000 application users for Soby.

Let VAGPT into your company right now!