VAGENT.AI – Create AI Chatbot just in 10 minutes

Connect business data to training AI employees to provide 24/7 service & integrate multi-channel customer support

Business Data-Powered Generative AI

Using the right model to generate business data-driven conversation for solving specific business tasks.

Goals-driven data collect

Setting the task of conversation to collect information based on the business goal in each use case

Easy to start

Easy to use and low cost, suitable for small and medium businesses

Train AI without code or conversation flow

Upload any text or documents for training AI knowledge in a minute, and the AI will automatically extract information to provide answers.

Accomplish business tasks

Guide the AI Chatbot through the business process step-by-step using Task-Oriented Dialogue

Quality assurance

Adjust confidence and creativity scores to control quality of answers from Generative AI

Integrate with any channel

Integrated multi-channel conversation: Messenger, Viber, Zalo, Livechat, and more.


Hybrid-chat management – space for cooperating between human and AI agents to increase customer support effectively.

“Training our AI Chatbot was incredibly simple, taking just around 30 minutes to an hour. With only one agent and one chatbot, my company has successfully supported thousands of customers, saving us both time and money”

Vietnam Innovation Hub
Incom Saigon

Response rate

Incom Saigon

Of requirements are handled by Vagent.AI

Incom Saigon has integrated VAGENT.AI into fanpage and website channels to consult & collect leads from interested customers.

20 cent/hour
cost for AI Agent handling 80% of your customer support workload

> 20M
message and calls are handled by EM&AI VAGENT.AI

No more robotic chat, just engaging conversation