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Always be there when employee cann’t

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The accuracy of AI Chatbot in responding to customer queries
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Cost-saving but same efficient
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Quick construction without technical experience needed

24/7 Support

Number ONE option for companies experiencing issues with overloading the Customer Service division. AI Chatbot offers a QUICK – SIMPLE – CONVENIENT consultation experience at any time or location.

  • Always Available 24/7
  • AI chatbots can offer personalized recommendations and responses
  • Communicate fluently in multiple languages

AI Sale Agent

AI Chatbot can handle many tasks, including information provision, consultation and consumer feedback collection. Helps businesses expand their reach and provide services when integrating into many platforms such as websites, Facebook, Zalo,..

  • Combining Sales staff and AI Chatbot helps improve efficiency 5 times at a cost of only 1/3.
  • Livechat allows managing AI Chatbot conversations with users from multiple platforms

IT Helpdesk

Serving as a 24/7 help desk agent answering customer queries in technical terms or tutorials.

  • Answer the FAQs
  • Give the step-by-step tutorial using software
  • Book a supporting call for agents and customer 

Lead generation

Instead of annoying pop-ups or long contact forms, AI Chatbot will engage with visitors and try to turn interested users into customer with valuable information and offers.

  • Giving a special offers proactive
  • Ask the question to collect the customer data
Bring AI Agent to your business

Find out the need

Arrange an appointment so we can understand more about the AI Chatbot platform and your business needs. We will offer the best solutions that suit your budget.

Develop the best AI Agent

Together, we will train the AI chatbots, carry out tests, and make adjustments to best fit your company's needs.

Deployment into your business

The final step of the process is to bring AI Chatbot into your business operations with the highest efficiency.

JIQ Adds Value


Just "drag and drop" to build the conversation flow


Flexible adjustment of chatbot and easily integrating into your business strategy.

Quickly deploy

Instantly deploy AI Chatbots in just a minute with hundreds of chatbot templates for any type of business.

Highly accuracy

Using AI and NLP technology allows Chatbot to understand questions and respond with high accuracy.

Security and Data Privacy

Compliance with the security policy to ensure the database and information safety for all customers.

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