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Word Error Rate in our speech-to-text model

Highest accuracy of AI in intent recognition


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NLP - Natural language processing

Ability to accurately extract information from complex sentences with multiple intents and entities, particularly proper nouns such as names, places, and phone numbers.

Speech to Text

Our Speech AI models excel in precise speech-to-text conversion, speaker detection, sentiment analysis, noise recognition, and beyond.

Text to Speech

Turn Text into Emotive Voiceovers: Seamlessly integrate speech synthesis for applications, websites, and videos.
Speech recognition and applications in business

Speech recognition is a widely used technology today. Such as smart homes, IoT, security, customer…

Speaker Diarization

Speaker Diarization a breakthrough for the future of call center quality control

Why does Chatbot NLP become the future of Customer service?

NLP is a part of Artificial Intelligence that handles the human natural language

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