Speech recognition and applications in business

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Speech recognition is a widely used technology today. Such as smart homes, IoT, security, customer service, etc. So what is this technology and what applications does it have in the business?

What is speech recognition technology?

Speech recognition is a breakthrough development of AI technology, and machine learning (Machine Learning). It gives the ability to identify, recognize and understand human speech. There are two different terms when it comes to this technology: Voice recognition and Speech Recognition.


Compare Voice Recognition and Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition can recognize almost any voice. Voice recognition only recognizes an individual’s voice. Specifically:

  • Voice Recognition: Identify and authenticate the voice that belongs to a specific individual. In case of used:
  • Voice Assistant: Support scheduling appointments, reminders, ..personalization for users who have been identified by voice.
  • Voice Biometrics: Used to verify the identity of specific individuals via voice confirmation.
  • Voice Picking: The warehouse worker communicates with the Voice Picking system to issue instructions. The system is activated by voice and gives instructions.

Voice recognition application

Voice Recognition – Recognizes words in speech and translates them into computer-understandable language.

Speech Recognition Use Case

    • Automatic Notes
    • Voice control
    • Devices to assist people with disabilities
    • Voice Control – Voice control

Benefits of speech recognition technology

Speech recognition technology brings benefits in many different fields. From business benefits to convenience in everyday life.

  • Enhance customer experience: PBX system identifies customers through voice. This saves time and increases the experience.
  • Increased security: Authenticate user identity via voice. Instead of entering a password or PIN. This helps prevent attacks and ensures system security.
  • Increase productivity: Minimize time and effort to perform important tasks. For example, users can use voice to control work-enabled devices, saving time and improving productivity.
  • Improved accessibility: Helping users with disabilities access electronic devices and services more quickly and easily.
  • Improved availability: Allows users to access resources or services by talking to the system. Especially in situations where using traditional interfaces is difficult or inconvenient.

Applications of voice recognition technology

Voice User Interface (VUI) is a prominent application of speech recognition technology. Accordingly, this technology allows users to interact with systems, devices, laptops, and smartphones, … through voice. Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google’s Assistant are popular examples of VUI.

Voice control

User support is another solution from voice recognition technology. Electronic devices that implement this technology allow users to give voice commands instead of pressing a remote. For example, lights, air conditioners, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, and more. This increases convenience and reduces the need to use keys on the device.

Virtual assistant application for cars

In the digital age, voice recognition is also used in applications such as virtual assistants, map navigation, appointment booking and device control. It is also being widely used in industries such as the automotive industry for voice control while driving.

Information security

In the field of security, speech recognition is used to determine the identity of the speaker. These voice recognition systems can be integrated into devices such as mobile phones, laptops or GPS navigators. When the user needs to access the device, the system will ask them to say a certain sentence or words to identify their identity.

User identification

The most common is to identify users when they log into websites or applications. These systems use speech recognition techniques to compare the user’s voice with previously stored speech data to determine if the user is the account owner.

Medical applications

In addition, speech recognition is also used in the medical field to diagnose speech-related diseases such as voice degeneration and Parkinson’s disease.

Application of voice recognition technology in business

Voice recognition technology can be applied in a variety of different professions and business aspects.

  • Customer care: AI virtual assistant solutions assist customers in solving various problems. This reduces wait times and increases automation in customer care.
  • Account management: Manage accounts by logging in and making transactions with just your voice. This can help reduce time and increase convenience for users.
  • Agent monitoring: Call monitoring through voice analysis. Usually overseeing switchboard calls, employee-customer meetings, etc. Enterprises can deploy real-time call monitoring systems while the call is in progress. Or the system evaluates the quality of the entire call centre in each evaluation period.
  • Warehouse management: This technology is used for warehouse management by allowing employees to use voice to read barcodes or speak product names when storing or discharging goods. This can help reduce time and increase accuracy in inventory management.

Speech recognition is a technology that is developing rapidly and with great potential. It is being applied in many fields and will continue to develop in the future. However, voice recognition is also facing many challenges. For example, it can be affected by the surroundings, background sounds, and emotional state of the speaker.


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