Maximize agents’ potential with AI-driven automated agent evaluation

Virtual QC is powered by AI Voice Analytics technology, analyze 100% amount of calls automatically help to detect violations and negative sentiments

Optimized AI model on business needs

We customize AI models for businesses to evaluate agents and detect violations using their criteria and data.

Handle low-quality call recordings

AI Voice Analytics technology with the highest accuracy even for low-quality call recordings in which the audio frequency is less than 8 kHz & noisy.

Highly accuracy of AI model

Continuously optimize the AI ​​model to achieve the highest level of accuracy > 95%, delay-time under 2s.

Reduce 90% time of quality management

AI evaluates 100% of call volume, scoring based on predefined criteria and providing final reports showcasing the main KPIs to summarize the call center’s performance.
Overall violation agent rate

In-person training for each Agent

Virtual QC identifies violations, provides reasons, and flags affected calls. Supervisors utilize this data for targeted agent training, complementing in-person training.

Not missing important insights

Centralized data storage is convenient to access and analyze, helping pinpoint trends such as common agent errors, frequent customer issues, and other valuable information in calls.
Not missing important insights
attitude keywords

Evaluating through
"emotional indicators"

Emotions provide the most accurate reflection of customer satisfaction. Virtual QC can assess emotions on a scale of negative, neutral, and positive.


Make data-driven decision

A tailored report dashboard aligns with business models, revealing trends and performance insights, and enabling strategic action plans. Statistical analysis of common violations informs impactful improvement strategies.

“Without VIRTUAL QC, we could take up to 57 years to evaluate all the call volume in half a month .”

The representative of FE Credit Vietnam

Explore the application of Virtual QC across various business tasks

Ensure employees follow the phone sales script accurately and utilize valuable insights to enhance product and sales strategies.

Ensure no unhappy customer calls are overlooked. Grasp common issues, satisfaction, and customer loyalty to services and products.

Ensure compliance with call scripts and cautious language in sensitive payment reminder calls. AI Voice Analytics evaluates all calls, maintaining rigorous standards.

Overwhelmed by evaluating numerous call scripts in your contact center? Let us customize a solution for you.

cost reduce

cost-reduce of call center quality control

KPI achieve

achieved KPI identifying agent attitudes

Precise call analytics delivers up to 85%

of agents are satisfied with the results

cold calling

the impressive accuracy of Speech to Text technology


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