Discover VNLP – Technology leading natural language processing Vietnam today
Khám phá nền tảng xử lý ngôn ngữ tự nhiên thuần Việt

Discover VNLP – Technology leading natural language processing Vietnam today

With the mission of improving the Vietnamese customer experience, VNLP provides natural language processing solutions, which are highly applicable to many business areas to help businesses improve their business processes and improve service quality. Increase revenue and reduce costs.

Why is natural language processing important?

Natural language processing (NLP) is the hardest branch of artificial intelligence (AI) because it involves understanding the meaning of communicative language and thinking. NLP can be understood as a technology that helps computers understand the daily language of human communication, including voice and writing.

In the current era of 4.0, natural language processing (NLP) plays a very important role. It can be said that NLP has been directly affecting almost every area of daily life. Which may include a number of applications such as virtual assistants, voice recognition, translation … 

Understanding human natural language will allow computers to help people with a lot of work, thereby creating positive effects such as:

  • Minimize workload, increase labor productivity.
  • Improve service quality, bring better customer experience.
  • Automation, personalization

VNLP’s natural language processing technology is different

Natural language processing has been studied and applied in many parts of the world for decades. In recent years, the whole world has witnessed the proliferation of applications such as Siri, Google translation, Alexa … All are the achievements of NLP development and machine learning technology. However, most of these applications are optimized for English only, but in Vietnam, not many units focus on developing this segment for Vietnamese.

VNLP specializes in processing pure Vietnamese natural language

VNLP is a natural language processing technology of EM&AI – a software and application development company pioneering in-depth research of NLP Vietnamese natural language analysis technology and ML machine learning.

With the complexity of Vietnamese language, it will be more difficult for computers to recognize the communication language of Vietnamese people. The VNLP team focuses on developing a dataset specifically for the Vietnamese language, statistical principles, and neural network algorithms.

Currently, the VNLP system is able to recognize local words, abbreviations, teen code, and understand the meaning of words placed in certain contexts.

The VNLP recognizes the sentiment as accurately as 93%

Assessing user emotions based on tone of voice or text is one of the most difficult parts of NLP. However, this evaluation is extremely useful for many businesses who want to listen to what customers say about their brands as well as competitors.

VNLP provides the highest Sentiment rating system in the market today up to 93%. Ensure accurate and quick evaluation results.

VNLP processes pure Vietnamese natural language with a wide range of disciplines

It doesn’t just stop at handling everyday language, VNLP also focuses on dealing with specialized language for many industrie. This allows the VNLP system to identify and understand the language of each specific industry.

VNLP is constantly updating the dataset of more and more industries every day.

With its outstanding advantages, VNLP is completely confident that it can help businesses improve service quality, improve labor productivity, creating a premise for businesses to break through in the 4.0 era.

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