1 year after Shark Tank 5, what has EM&AI achieved?

Taking part in Shark Tank Viet Nam season 5 in 2022, EM&AI achieved good results when we are in the TOP 5 BIGGEST DEAL with a “million dollar” handshake with Shark Liên. The negotiation between CEO Le Ngoc Tri and SHARKs also is the episode with the most views & discussions on social networks and startup forums.

1 year after launching at Sharktank, EM&AI quickly achieved each of the goals of the growth milestones. This further confirms the potential of EM&AI.

The Core AI Technology owned by Vietnamese people has impressed

Not using 3rd party APIs, EM&AI focuses on developing core AI technology from the beginning. Technologies specialising in Vietnamese speech and language processing included VNLP – natural language processing, STT – Speech to Text, TTS – Text to Speech and Voice ID – voice biometrics.

To meet the rigorous requirements of enterprise customers, EM&AI has constantly upgraded to improve our quality. So that, we confidently “lead” in the accuracy and processing speed of current technology cores.

When compared to market benchmarks, EM&AI is completely superior in metrics achieved. 


Before Sharktank, EM&AI has won many major awards from domestically to internationally such as Sao Khue Adward 2021, Winner of the AI Accelerator Challenge organized by the Australian Embassy, Top 5 Startups at AI For Good organized by the United Nations, Top 100 Unicorn Startups selected by Microsoft, etc. This has proved the “outstanding AI technology” of EM&AI.  


Conquering large & leading businesses

In the last 6 months of 2022, the revenue of EM&AI grew more than 50% when compared to the same period last year. It is the result of the “seeding” process when EM&AI gradually conquers the leading “big players” in the industry such as FE Credit, Mirae Asset, Panasonic… Before becoming the official deployer, EM&AI has experienced stages of approaching, persuading and running tests, competing directly with strong domestic and foreign competitors, “technology corporations”. With unremitting efforts, the EM&AI team has “harvested sweet fruits” when the projects were successful beyond expectations and received high appreciation from customers.

For example, in 2022 EM&AI has piloted Voicebot AI Telesale for a financial enterprise. When compared with 2 other units deploying at the same time and with the same output, Voicebot AI Telesales has shown better results with a successful connection rate of 60% and revenue brought to customers. products account for 50% of total revenue.

Comparative Criteria EM&AI Company A Company B
Call numbers




Rate of revenue brought for customer



Comparison of implementation results of Voicebot AI Telesales Solution for 1 Finance company of EM&AI compared to other companies in the same industry


Serving more than 100+ customers in the SME segment

Reaching the SME segment with Voicebot AI solution – Automated virtual caller, EM&AI has successfully converted 147 customers in a short time. With knowledge and experience in multi-disciplinary implementation, EM&AI has trained “virtual employees” who are responsible for common operations such as Telesale, customer care, customer survey, appointment booking, and payment due reminders. ,… serving multiple industries such as Real Estate, Finance, Education, Spa, Beauty Salon,… Thanks to that, customers can easily build and customize even though they don’t know about programming. EM&AI also expanded its customer base very quickly after that.

Voicebot AI received many positive feedbacks from customers

As the first unit to bring Voicebot AI closer to the SME business market, EM&AI faced initial “doubts” when customers thought that Voicebot AI was just a normal one-way interactive auto-call software. However, after experiencing this, customers have highly appreciated Voicebot AI’s intelligent natural communication ability and outstanding AI technology core such as NLP – natural language processing, Speech to Text and Text to Speech 

“Voicebot AI is Sentosa Corp’s leapfrogging investment in business automation” – Mr Duong Tuan Cuong, Sales Director of Sentosa.

“EM&AI Voicebot helps shorten the time to reach potential customers. We can complete a large number of calls with only 50% of the cost before” – Mr Nguyen Vuong Hoai, Namland sales manager

Reach sales milestone right in the time of economic crisis

According to a Harvard Business Review study, companies using AI for sales can increase leads by more than 50%, reduce call times by 60-70%, and reduce costs by 40-60%. Voicebot AI has helped businesses increase the number of customers significantly with the lowest cost. Obviously, investing in AI is a long-term strategy to help businesses break through after the crisis.

From the end of 2022 until now, when the enterprise market began to fluctuate and fell into crisis, EM&AI still quickly surpassed the sales milestone it set. EM&AI has recorded remarkable results.

  • Within 6 months, with just over 150 customers, EM&AI achieved 60% of its sales target.
  • As of April 2023, the number of new customers has increased by 60% compared to the previous one.
  • Sales growth achieved an increase of 50% over the same period last year.
  • More than 4.7 million minutes of calls are made by EM&AI Voicebot, 18.3 million minutes of calls are made by the system
  • Virtual QC evaluates automatically.

With this development, EM&AI has expanded its business scale:

  • Established a new branch in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • The number of employees has been increased from 35 to 67 people, to meet the needs of growth and expansion.

At the same time, the reach and recognition of EM&AI have driven the growth of trial usage on the platform with encouraging results:

  • EM&AI has attracted 3,100 new users, an increase of 106.6% compared to before.
  • Website EM&AI recorded 106,761 visits, an increase of 83.1% compared to the previous time.
  • The total number of people reaching organically as of December 2022 reached 3,573,731 people, contributing to the expansion of potential customers.

These results show that EM&AI is on the right track and achieving significant development. We are proud of our achievements and are willing to continue our efforts to achieve new goals in the future.

In early 2023, EM&AI continued to receive good news when it became the first AI enterprise in Da Nang to join Vietnam Innovation Hub – Vietnam Innovation Center under the Danang Department of Science and Technology. This is one of the activities of the Department of Science and Technology with the goal of “Helping typical AI startups like EM&AI to become an AI HUB that connects and solves AI technology problems between businesses – Innovation Center create & start-up companies”. The companionship of the Department of Science and Technology has created opportunities for EM&AI to connect with businesses, potential customers, and investors and expand the network of technology partners. More than 20 webinars to share application trends and experience in implementing AI solutions were held. This is an opportunity for businesses to get the fastest updates from AI experts as well as an opportunity for EM&AI to be connected with businesses.

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