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AI Chatbot supports respond the answers on consular procedures at the Vietnamese Embassy in Tokyo

Vietnamese technology for the Vietnamese community

  • Digital transformation helps improve the operational efficiency of agencies and organizations
  • Provide 24/7 and quick feedback to people, support searches, and procedural requests.
  • AI can understand and retrieve the correct procedural information to assist
  • Make sure not to provide false information Automated AI applications need to ensure accuracy


AI Chatbot for automatically answering the consular procedures of the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan



With professional services and processes, EM&AI has built an AI Chatbot solution to support and answer consular procedures for people.

After 2 months of testing, the results were positive and met the Embassy’s initial quality requirements:

  • More than 6000 messages are automatically processed by AI – an Average of 100 messages/day
  • Supports more than 2000 users from all over Japan
  • Operating 24/7 – Helps reduce direct phone calls to the Embassy


Possible future implementations

  • Provide services on different platforms
  • More on multiple languages: Japanese, English

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