AI Voicebot customized to
business needs

Automatically handling thousands of outbound calls and assisting customers aims to be cost-effective and revenue-increasing for business

Quickly Deploy

Deploy in 1 minute with Pre-built AI Call template

Peak productivity

Experience deploying systems with a scale greater than 2 million calls

Highest Accuracy

Enabling human-like interactions.

AI Voicebot for Cold Calling

Automatically call thousands of customers to introduce unique selling points, handle refuse cases, and qualify potential customers.

  • Reduce costs by 80%.
  • Increase sales closing rate in the first call
  • Grouping potential customers by ACTION CODE
  • Update data automatically to CRM

AI Voicebot for Debt Collection

Implement personalized calls to remind loans before the due date or overdate loans. Integrate into the business system to get or input data of customers.

  • Increasing call numbers without increasing agents
  • Ensure all steps of debt collection
  • Convince payment on time

AI Voicebot for Booking

AI Voicebot supports customers with reservations, ticket reservations, room reservations,… via calls

  • Increase successful booking rate
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Automate reservations, compare and update status
  • Payment Guide
  • Answer frequently asked questions

AI Voicebot for Notify & Inform

An AI Voicebot notifies users of events, emergencies, news, and service updates while providing reminders for health, travel, and financial matters, enhancing communication and efficiency across various domains.

Survey Calling

Be more proactive in asking and surveying customers instead of waiting for them to complete the survey link.

  • Ask brief questions 
  • Collect guest review scores according to the CSAT or NPS scale
  • Collect specific opinions
  • Update information in the system

Voice OTP

Enhance security through OTP verification via call for Banking, Financial Applications, Crypto,…

  • Verify transactions
  • Verify login
  • 2FA (2-factor authentication)
  • Verify balance
  • & other security verification
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