Manulife Launch MAI – Virtual Agent for Customer Service
trợ lý ảo ngân hàng MAI của Manulife

Manulife Launch MAI – Virtual Agent for Customer Service


Kasisto who created KAI – digital platform for finance sector are launching MAI that it is virtual agent solution for banking of Manulife.

Mai can support for checking balance, understanding spending habit, searching ATM nearest and responding personal finance question.

According to Mr Zo Gorelove, CEO and Co-Founder of Kasisto: “MAI is committed to helping customers manage their money and saving accordingly, allowing them to make better financial decisions through conversations with virtual assistant as a real consultant ”.

MAI - trợ lý ảo ngân hàng

MAI is case study of using Virtual Agent in the field of banking. The banking in over the world have been strongly launching virtual agent integrated in mobile banking application or chat platform (Facebook, Messenger, Live chat,…) to interact and take care of customers including ERICA (Bank of America), AMY (HSBC Bank), Amex Box (American Express),…

Digitalize Transform of banking is happening very quickly – they replace 90% of daily finance transaction with digital technologies or channels. According to Gartner research, by 2030, AI applications will help banks cut down operating costs by 22%, saving up to 1 trillion USD.

As technology giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple try to make their AI assistants more powerful, the specialized virtual assistant market that helps users in the banking sector has just grown in recently. A number of businesses have begun to explore the huge potential of this field, but there is still a lot to explore for startups and entrepreneurs interested in virtual assistants & applications in business processes.




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