Value of Real-time call monitoring in customer service

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Agents can make mistakes at any time during calls with customers. It is better if the problem is addressed “at the beginning” rather than having to deal with it after it has happened. Real-time call monitoring is a solution to help businesses detect violations of agents “instantly”. This will help the business take control of any issues and ensure it ends with the call. This post will give an overview and the value of real-time monitoring in customer service

What is real-time call monitoring?

Call monitoring is a solution to support monitoring and tracking Call Center calls right when it’s happening. The supervisor can monitor, listen to calls and give professional instructions or warning violations if the operator makes a mistake. However, monitoring hundreds of ongoing calls simultaneously is not easy. Supervisors need to focus so as not to miss. Furthermore, current surveillance systems do not yet support automatic pre-warning of violations. So…

How does the supervisor detect the problem and intervene in the call at the right time?

A real-time monitoring system integrated with AI technology is the solution. Accordingly, the system will automatically analyze every ongoing call. Then, issue warnings to GSV when detecting violations such as: not following the script, speaking inappropriately, using obscene language or a certain call that the customer is angry with.

How the “Real-time Call Monitoring Automated AI System Works

EM&AI Reals – the first real-time call monitoring system integrated with AI technology in Vietnam. Watch the video below to better understand how the system works.

Accordingly, this real-time monitoring system can “automate” all monitoring jobs. For example:

  • Review the call script. Analyze the content of the call, check the operator’s words and compare according to the scenario. Give an alert if the operator is missing/missing a step.
  • Violation warnings & behaviour correction instructions. Each business/sector has a different standard to evaluate the business. In addition to the basic rules such as: not being impolite, and saying nothing, … Some businesses strictly forbid agents from forcing customers to buy goods or ask for personal information (not in the business scenario). ,.. These types of violation, the system can detect when analyzing speech and give warnings immediately.
  • Support the supervisor to train the operator right in the call. Supervisors (GSVs) can listen to and prompt the televangelist to better support customers. GSV only needs to focus on calls that are violated by the “system” red alert. There is no need to waste time manually reviewing each one like before.
  • Automatic information suggestions. Support GSV to suggest up-sale and cross-sale product information. Guidance on business, how to respond to customers based on information provided by customers
  • Predict the success rate of closing orders. Analyze and predict success rates based on calls with successful closing rates in the past.

After the call is over, GSV will usually provide feedback to the operator, highlighting areas for improvement and providing guidance on how to improve their communication and customer service skills. The system will support the simulation of sample calls as a training basis for operators.

Benefits of call monitoring

Call monitoring offers a number of benefits to businesses, including:

  • Improve customer service: By monitoring calls, businesses can identify areas where their employees may be struggling and provide targeted training to help them improve their skills. communication and customer service.
  • Increased efficiency: Call monitoring can help businesses identify inefficiencies in centre operations, such as long wait times or repeated calls about the same problem, allowing them to make changes to improve efficiency.
  • Ensure compliance: Call monitoring can help businesses ensure that their agents are complying with company policies and procedures, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Identify trends: By analyzing call data over time, businesses can identify trends in customer issues or complaints, allowing them to make changes to their products or services. services to better meet the needs of their customers.


Call monitoring is an important tool for businesses looking to improve the quality of their customer service and ensure compliance with company policies and regulations. By providing targeted feedback and training to agents, businesses can improve the overall customer experience and build stronger relationships with customers.

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