AI-Powered Voice Analytics solutions for evaluating Agent

AI analyzes millions even in real time, delivering invaluable insights for your business. Enhance agent skills by understanding their mistakes.

Virtual QC - Voice AI Analytics for Agent Evaluation

Voice AI Call Analytics Solution for Call Center agents evaluation and customer insights based on machine learning technology such as Speech to text (STT), Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Sentiment Analytic (SA)

Reals - Real-time Call Monitoring platform

Detect potential risks in each call with customers & turn them into opportunities in a fraction of a second

Trusted by industry-leading enterprises

Powered by State-of-Art Core AI Technology

Voice Analytics

Convert audio calls to text, diarizing speakers into customer and agent channels, while eliminating irrelevant background noise.

Sentiment Analysis

Detecting negative sentiment through analyzing call scripts or voice, then alerts the agents to take notice and provides a suitable solution.

Natural Languge Processing

Identify exactly the intent of customer with the accuracy up to 95%. Extracting all the important information in conversation without asking or collect by hands