How Panasonic utilizes Voicebot AI for surveying and information ierification to double productivity and reduce expenses


Panasonic is a pioneering brand that offers comprehensive healthcare solutions from Japan. Not only known for its high-quality Japanese-standard products and solutions, but Panasonic also caters to the needs of consumers. The Panasonic brand is also trusted by its dedicated and professional customer service to bring the most wonderful experience.


Panasonic Vietnam is facing specific challenges in enhancing the efficiency of their customer service over the phone. Firstly, they need to automate survey calls and service information verification to improve efficiency and accuracy, avoiding time-consuming manual intervention. Secondly, they must ensure these calls provide a natural experience with context-sensitive responses. Additionally, Panasonic needs to optimize productivity and reduce costs associated with making these calls. Finally, they struggle to create automatic reports on customer feedback, which are crucial for analyzing and improving service performance. To address these challenges, Panasonic turned to EM&AI’s Voicebot AI solution, aiming to automate and enhance the efficiency of their call processes while providing detailed and accurate reports.


EM&AI and Panasonic managers have held meetings to clarify each other’s needs and requirements, and as a result, they have jointly provided a comprehensive Voicebot AI solution to meet these demands.

Firstly, Voicebot AI is equipped with conversation flow creation tools, making it easy to train the Voicebot to react appropriately based on specific conditions and contexts, ensuring that interactions align with real-world business situations and customer expectations. The solution includes a pre-trained entity recognition system to accurately identify and process critical information such as addresses, phone numbers, and power units, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of collected data.

Secondly, Voicebot utilizes pre-built AI voices with natural intonation and pauses, designed to provide a smooth and natural interaction experience, with various options to accommodate different local accents and preferences of customers. Additionally, Voicebot AI has the capability to detect pauses in customer speech, helping the system react promptly and avoid interruptions, making conversations flow more naturally and efficiently.


384,834 Calls Handled : Over a period of nearly 9 months, Panasonic Vietnam’s customer service center managed 384,834 calls, equivalent to 390,935 blocks, 100% using the Voicebot Virtual Agent.

X2 Productivity : Compared to traditional telephone-based methods, the implementation of Voicebot AI doubled productivity.

30% Cost Reduction : With just one Voicebot AI capable of handling daily call operations, Panasonic achieved a notable 30% reduction in costs.

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