Initial achievements in digital transformation via Hybrid Chat platform.

Bước đầu chuyển đổi số dịch vụ khách hàng thành công với nền tảng Hybrid Chat

According to McKinsey, to transform customer service number in the beginning period, businesses need to adopt digitization step by step and combine human with technology to avoid shocking the traditional process and familiarize users with new technologies. Hybrid Chat platform is one of the effective choices for this.

Hybrid chat platform brings an interaction between staff, virtual assistant and customers. This can improve the combination between human and technology in order to meet the customer’s wishes or even more than that. Staff can focus on more complex jobs such as complaining requests of customers because virtual assistant can easily handle 80% customer’s repeatable requests.  

What is the Hybrid Chat platform?

Hybrid Chat platform is an interactive platform combined bringing an interaction between staff and virtual assistant. Therefore, virtual assistant can be supported by consultants anytime, this means consultants can join the conversation immediately to support customers and ensure the coherence of this conversation. 

What does the Hybrid Chat platform bring to customer service?

1.Enhancing the productivity of staff.

Hybrid Chat platform produced based on Artificial Intelligence aims to improve the quality of customer service by bringing information related to the conversation between operator and customer at this moment, this helps operator handle conversation easier.

For example, the Hybrid Chat function of EM&AI Virtual Agent platform can know customer’s intents by using the ability to predict, then gives suitable responses and operators can respond immediately. Besides, virtual assistant can support operators better by using the learning function, this means it can learn from the conversations between staff and customers.

Hybrid Chat platform improves the productivity of staff


2. Improving the quality of customer service.

Hybrid Chat platform is a combination of the accuracy, speed and ability to analyze of the virtual assistant and the flexibility of staff. This helps businesses meet the customer’s demands. Therefore, businesses can handle a huge number of requests without increasing the number of staff. This not only helps companies in saving money but also enhances the quality of the customer service.

3. Reducing the risk of bad customer experience.

There are some customers who think that it is not good to communicate with a “robot”, so they usually want to interact with the consultant initially. Hybrid Chat platform will send customer’s demands to staff immediately, so the waiting time of customers can be reduced as much as possible. Furthermore, staff can give assistance via Hybrid Chat platform.

Hybrid Chat platform reduces the risk of bad customer experience



How does the Hybrid Chat platform work?

In some situations that customers want to work with staff, virtual assistant would send a service ticket to staff so they can continue the conversation immediately.

Hybrid Chat’s AI-based feedback suggestion helps staff do their jobs easier. In addition, the function of labeling and classifying customers also supports businesses to give the priority of each customer group, the urgency of the problem, ensure the optimization of the consultant’s availability, the waiting time and the opportunities to support customers.

How does the Hybrid Chat platform work?


With these strengths, Hybrid Chat platform can help businesses to transform service number step by step, handle the balance of the digital transformation, improve the quality of the service and let staff familiarize with new technology. This is also the preparation for the digital transformation of all the businesses.

If you want to know more about the digital transformation, please leave your information here, we will contact and give you assistance for your concerns.

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